Robotic Process Automation

Enabled a leading Manufacturing giant in India with remote SCADA application and hardware.



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Madras Electroplaters was started in the year 2003, in a small way by Mrs. Savithri Ganesh, a graduate in Physics, assisted by Mr. S.V. Ganash, a graduate and a metal finishing consultant experience over 20 years.

As an electroplating company, they offer a wide range of products and services. Their electroplating services include Zinc plating, Tin plating, Nickel plating, Copper plating, and Chrome plating. They also offer specialized services such as selective plating and electroless plating. In addition to plating services, they provide a variety of metal finishing solutions such as polishing, buffing, and powder coating. They work with a diverse range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, and medical Industry.

The Challenge

  • Inefficient asset utilization
  • No Accurate data
  • Unexpected Downtime
  • High maintenance costs
  • Absence of remote monitoring capability.

  • Lack of location monitoring capability
  • Excessive human involvement in the process
  • Reduced asset lifespan
  • Frequent equipment failure
  • Risk of over-maintenance or under-maintenance.

The Solution

  1. Design the project to load the Recipe to the PLC through Computer by using RS232 Communication with PLC to load the entire time frame, Batch Time and Date
  2. Indigenously developed software to Communicate with PLC using MODBUS(RTU).
  3. The Trans Robo’s developed in such a way to unload from the tub to load other tubs in sequential manner according to the loaded Recipe time frame in the PLC.
  4. We used 5 trans Robo’s to pick to load into the electroplating tubs and pick to unload the parts. 
  5. We used 2 terminals. One is a PC to load the recipe and monitor the process from the Admin desktop and one is at the workshop floor to operate separately, the shop floor PC is using a Touch Screen to RUN the Machine and Stop the Machine in any circumstances.
Client Name

Madras Electro Platers

Release Date

December 1, 2015

Project Types

Robotic Process Automation

The Impact

  • 100% Automated process
  • 100% Accurate data
  • 30% Improved machine efficiency
  • Reliable and agile process
  • Increase in operational efficiency
  • On-time preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Improved RoI

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